What You Will Learn

Lessons for life

1. What makes this person appear difficult
2. How does their personality interact with mine
3. What are the personality traits of each animal
4. How does the animal's personality relate to the people in my life
5. What approach must I use to work effectively with each person's personality in my life
6. What are the 4 animals I must eliminate immediately
7. Who are the relatives of each animal in the zoo

Everyone is at least 4 personalities

Important Insight...

The fact that everyone is at least 4 personalities is what makes so many people challenging to understand.

Personality Changes...

Everyone enters with one of their 4 personalities, but can go through at least 4 personality changes during the day.

Understand This...

You must know what your 4 personalities are in order to know how you can relate to the other animal’s in the Zoo.

What Are Richard's...

Richard’s 4 personalities are a two-hump camel, a giraffe, a deer, and a bear.


Leadership Styles


The Leader’s patient investment of energy in a human today so that they are better prepared and more productive in the things they do.


A Leader who confronts behaviors that conflict with the mission or principles of the organization. Done without worrying what others think.


The Leader who can take the experienced player to the next level of growth and development. Must be an educator, not a dictator.

Taking A Tour of the Zoo

A Glimpse of the 18 Animals & Their Character Traits

The Camel

Known for its endurance.

Although it’s a very enduring animal, it still needs nourishment.

Is an ill-mannered animal, and when upset, will walk until it finds a human and spit on them.

The Monkey

Always picking fleas off the other monkeys.

Must be noticed and will create arenas where it will be noticed.

Has a tendency to be either extremely lazy or extremely playful.

The Parrot

You can teach it to say anything you want.

Eager to learn and excited about the journey.

Naive and has no history.

The Gorilla

Its outward appearance can be a very intimidating force.

When mad, it settles its squabbles with stern looks, loud hoots, or chest pounding.

Can be a gentle giant.

The Elephant

The elephant is a verbal animal, but uses a non-verbal element called its trunk as its major source of communication.

An animal that never forgets

The Lion

A very proud animal.

Known in the jungle for its roar – other animals pay attention.

Respects other animals, but can turn on others in seconds.

The Peacock

Likes to strut its stuff.

It’s extremely colorful, which makes people want to be around it.

The sound it makes is a nonsense sound.

The Rhino

Not a very social animal, but is very aggressive.

Runs fast, sees poorly, and is easily disurbed.

Very unpredictable. Will charge at any odd smell or sound.

The Giraffe

Always sticks its neck out.

Sees above what the normal animal can see.

No two giraffes have the same pattern or spots.

The Vulture

Lives because other animals make mistakes.

Will never eat the entire carcass. Only likes certain parts.

Will leave and never clean up the mess it makes.

The Porpoise

It is very sensitive.

It’s an intelligent animal and can be trained.

Once your friend, it will be your friend for life.

The Boa

Loves to wrap itself around you and squeeze.

Be careful of the hug. It can be fatal.

Very dangerous animal, stealthy, and will use what it knows against its prey.

The Turtle

When it’s scared or nervous, it pulls its head in and pretends nothing is wrong.

Travels at its own pace.

May be slow, but is sure and dependable.

The Ant

It’s small, but mighty.

Can carry more than the normal sized load.

Never runs in a straight line.

The Deer

It’s elegant in design and action.

Has a keen sense of hearing.

It’s very observant.

The Zebra

It is known for its stripes.

Has one of the toughest hides known to man.

Stands out in the crowd beccause of its intensity.

The Bat

Its major source of nourishment is blood.

They are extremely sensitive creatures.

Have extremely good hearing and very strong.

The Bear

It’s a nomad.

Different habits – hunts mainly at night and sleeps during the day.

Knows when to be serious and when to be playful.

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