Tweaking Your Relationship

“How do we know if this is something we need to participate in?”

This unique opportunity to spend 3 fun-filled days laughing, learning, exploring, and strengthening your relationship is limited to 15 Couples. This is going to be a unique experience where we are going to sit around tables and learn from each other. Peter and I are going to guide the retreat through questions for us to talk about, examination of issues that never seem to go away, and understandings you can use to make those tweaks that will keep you connected through improving your communication, understanding the changes you have gone through as an individual and a couple, and how to use the information to strengthen your relationship.  Your relationship will never be perfect, but it can always be improved.

Join Richard Flint and Peter Gauthier at the PGA National Resort & Spa for this unique couples experience Tweaking Your Relationship.

If a relationship is not periodically tweaked, then confusion, frustration, and disappointment are the result. Tweaking is simply about making the necessary adjustments that keep the relationship vibrant, strong, connected, and continuing to grow.

The #1 question I have been asked by couples regarding the Tweaking Retreat is, “How do we know if this is something we need to participate in?” My first response, “Is your relationship all you want it to be?”

Do any of these apply to your relationship:

  • The communication between us needs to improve
  • We need more time for us as a couple to date
  • Energy between us has become too negative
  • There always seems to be an issue for us to address
  • We keep talking about issues, that don’t go away

Tweaking Your Relationship is preventive care that keeps continual disconnect from taking the fun, laughter, and romance out of your relationship. Most divorces are not the result of a moment that happened. It is the detoriation that happens over a period of time, because of the lack of pausing, examining and tweaking the relationship.

I promise this will be the most entertaining, information driven and refreshing times you have had as a couple. REMEMBER, it is limited to 15 Couples!!

Helping You Make Those Tweaks

Your Relationship Experts

During the 30+ years of being in the field of personal development, I have specialized in helping couples. My extensive education included the studying of human behavior and researching what makes couples succeed in relationships. I’ve also studied what makes people feel disconnected in marriage and eventually divorce.

  • English & Speech degree, East Central University
  • Ethics & Philosophy degree, Southwestern Seminary
  • Professor of Philosophy / Baptist Campus Minister, Ohio University
  • Professor of Philosophy & Religion / Baptist Campus Minister, Wayne State University
  • Director of Counseling, First Baptist Church (Florida)
  • Author of 16 books on human behavior, relationships, emotions, & philosophy
  • Article “Don’t Quit” voted Best Article of the Year by Florida Realtors Assn. in 1981
  • Has published articles in over 100 magazines and trade journals
  • Has appeared on over 125 radio, television, and podcast shows

Richard Flint
Retreat Host

Peter is a graduate of Liberty University with a Masters of Arts degree and graduated with honors in pastoral counseling with a cognate in marriage and family.

Peter utilizes the techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy within the context of solving issues related to marriage and family issues and serves on the pastoral care team at his church.

In addition to providing care seekers with communication and conflict resolution tools, Peter utilizes techniques to create better connection and understanding of how to control one’s emotions in a positive way and to help enhance the understanding of emotions at play to help provide long term marital and family satisfaction.

Married life will come with stressors and can seem like a roller coaster, but with the insights Peter brings, couples can engage areas of stress, conflict and emotion to strengthen rather than letting negative emotions and fear drive them apart.

Peter Gauthier
Retreat Assistant

Relationships are always in the process of changing, and the changes require a pause, an understanding, and a time of tweaking.

Richard Flint

Relationship Experts


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