A Day at the Zoo

Learning to Take the Difficult Out of the Different Personalities In Your Life

Williamsburg, Virginia
September 18-22, 2019


days of exclusive coaching, engaging activities, and enormous fun

unique and intriguing people that want to take it to the next level

animal personalities you will learn about and how to work with them

personalities everyone has and must understand to relate to others

A Day At The Zoo

The challenge with people is not the person. It’s the person’s personality.

  • Would you like to understand how the 18 different animal personalities relate to people in your life?
  • Would you like to learn which 4 personalities you are in a fun environment?

A Day At The Zoo

Leaders must have the ability to understand individuals in their workplace.

  • Do you want to be a better leader and be able to work more effectively with people in your organization or community?
  • Do you want to create better relationships with your team or co-workers?



Every human brings two things to your life. They bring the person you see and the personality you experience.

There is no escaping people. They are an ever present part of your life. They can add to your life, take from your life, make you happy, make you sad, make you smile, or frustrate you.

The challenge is understanding them!

“There are no DIFFICULT people. There are only DIFFERENT personalities for you to understand.”

"Difficult only happens when you don't or won't take the time and energy to invest in getting to understand the personality of the person you are looking at."

It is critical to understand how to effectively work with the people in your life.

If all you see is the person, there is going to be continual confusion about their personality.

If all you experience is the personality, you are going to be confused by the person.

A fun approach to human behavior

Ready to have fun? We would love to have you in the zoo.

I like that person, but I don’t like their personality.

Have you ever heard that statement before?

A Day At The Zoo is Richard Flint’s research into learning how to work with the DIFFERENT personalities in your life.

For years, Richard has heard people talk about “Working With Difficult People.”

If (and it is a BIG if) you enter thinking a person is going to be difficult, what are they going to be? DIFFICULT!

A Day At The Zoo is a humorous examination of 18 different animals, their personalities, and the people in your life that have the same personality as a particular animal. You will learn as a Personality Zookeeper how to work effectively with them.

The role of any leader, manager, or person is to slow down, see the person, and understand that person’s personality.

Understanding a person’s personality is the only way you will be able to work effectively with the person.

Our Schedule:

  • Day 1 – Preparing to Enter the Zoo
  • Day 2 – Touring the Animals in the Zoo
  • Day 3 – Touring the Animals in the Zoo
  • Day 4 – Touring the Animals in the Zoo


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Client Testimonials

"What I loved most was how close we got in only 4 days. I don't think that would happen in a much bigger group."

Charles Bickerstaff

"Thank you for helping us move our business into the next step of effective leadership."

Rusty Krehbiel

"I wasn't sure what to expect when coming. This wasn't what I expected, but I left with a lot more value than I realized or expected."

Caroline Budde

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