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Everything in life goes through change – including relationships. When change happens, there has to be a pause, an understanding about what the change is creating, and a tweaking to make sure improvement continues to happen.

Join Richard Flint and Peter Gauthier at the PGA National Resort & Spa for this unique couples experience Tweaking Your Relationship.

If a relationship is not periodically tweaked, then confusion, frustration, and disappointment are the result. Tweaking is simply about making the necessary adjustments that keep the relationship vibrant, strong, connected, and continuing to grow.



February 13-16, 2020



PGA National Resort & Spa
400 Avenue of the Champions
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Experience Luxury

PGA National Resort & Spa has long been a place of legendary moments. Here at this Palm Beach destination, luxury is always the standard. Anchored by five championship golf courses, PGA National also boasts a world-class destination spa.

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Retreat Agenda

During the 30+ years of being in the field of personal development, I have specialized in helping couples. My extensive education included the studying of human behavior and researching what makes couples succeed in relationships. I’ve also studied what makes people feel disconnected in marriage and eventually divorce.

All relationships go through change. The challenge is allowing change to keep the relationship improving, rather than trapping it in resistance. Most of the couples counseling I have and continue to do is the result of not taking the time to slow down, honestly see where their relationship is, and tweaking that relationship.

Richard Flint
Retreat Host & Relationship Expert

What Can I Gain From This Retreat?

Reclaim The Fire & Passion

Tweaking Your Relationship is preventative care that keeps continual disconnect from taking the fun, laughter, and romance out of your relationship.

Can I Benefit From This Retreat?

Anything that goes through change must understand where the change is coming from, slow down and understand the need for this change, rather than putting up an immediate wall of resistance.

Tweaking is an important part of keeping disconnect from slipping in. For any couple that is wanting to keep their relationship strong, vibrant, and continuing to grow, Tweaking Your Relationship is a MUST!

Happy Couples

Things are good, but you want tools that ensure lasting happiness and maintain a strong bond.

Together For Years

You’ve been together for quite some time, but feel stuck, unable to overcome certain issues.

Struggling To Connect

You and your mate have drifted apart and feel unhappy. You want to find that spark again.

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$3,500 Per Couple


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